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Citrix Virtual Apps Essentials on Azure

Citrix Virtual Apps Essentials is a unique Citrix Cloud application virtualization service that combines the industry-leading Citrix Virtual Apps technology with the power and flexibility of the largest cloud in the world, Azure, to provide a simple, easy-to-consume app delivery solution. Developed and designed in conjunction with Microsoft, Citrix Virtual Apps Essentials is the next generation of remote app delivery technology from Citrix running on Azure.

More than just app virtualization – mobilize your business

Citrix Virtual Apps Essentials isn’t just a way to virtualize your apps, it’s a solution that enables mobility and provides the flexibility you need without compromising security. Whether you need to support remote workers, expand to branch offices, or integrate a new company after a merger, a cloud-based approach to application delivery is the best way to deliver apps to your workers and accomplish your most important goals. The solution is ideal for every use case, from delivering a small number of apps for SMB customers, empowering a business unit with a “must have” app, to embracing a complete enterprise-wide app virtualization approach.
Best of all, users will love the single-click experience of Citrix ReceiverTM that makes it easy to access apps and stay productive wherever they go. With Citrix HDXTM technologies, everyone is ensured a high-performance Windows app experience that looks and feels like they’re using a locally installed app on every device.

On-demand and on-budget

By deploying app virtualization in Azure, you can take advantage of consumption based economics to quickly expand or reduce capacity without the traditional capital costs associated with hardware. You’ll eliminate capital expenses for seasonal workloads and unexpected demands for capacity, because XenApp Essentials uses Smart ScaleTM to automatically scale your Azure environment up and down to meet demand. Moreover, delivering apps as an on-demand service, saves you significant time and money compared to traditional employee onboarding approaches.
The old days of forecasting budgets and hardware purchases are behind us. Today, we can enjoy the predictable, per user, per month pricing benefits of the cloud.

Your apps and data – secure in the cloud

Mobilizing your workforce increases productivity, but it also means your company’s sensitive data is walking around outside of your corporate network and firewall. IT will sleep at night knowing that XenApp Essentials includes Citrix NetScaler® Gateway Service to secure their apps and sensitive data. NetScaler Gateway Service provides secure, encrypted authentication and access to your apps. Best of all, it’s included with XenApp Essentials and officially endorsed by Microsoft.
But security doesn’t stop at Citrix Gateway. Citrix Virtual Apps Essentials protects against data leakage and loss by reducing the risk associated with lost, stolen, and compromised devices. Nothing is physically stored on the device so users are only interacting with a virtual instance of the application. Screen updates, mouse clicks, and keystrokes securely traverse the remote connection, not the data, to keep application data safe from hackers and protect the corporate network from unmanaged devices.

How Citrix Virtual Apps Essentials and Azure work together

Citrix Virtual Apps Essentials is the fastest, easiest way to securely virtualize and deliver Windows apps. Your IT department can manage the entire environment from a simple console to give users a high-performance experience that looks and feels like they’re using a locally installed app on every device.

Beyond XenApp Essentials: your journey into the cloud

Citrix Virtual Apps Essentials is the fastest, easiest way to securely deliver Windows apps from Azure to any device, and the ideal first step in your journey into the cloud. Citrix Cloud Services are leading the digital transition for organizations of all sizes with flexible solutions for virtualization and secure, mobile workspaces that provide instant access to apps, desktops, data, and communications on any device and over any network. With Citrix Cloud solutions, your organization will simplify IT, reduce infrastructure, and increase employee productivity.

Citrix Virtual Desktops (XenDesktop Essentials on Azure)

Citrix Virtual Desktops Essentials is the first Citrix Cloud service to be designed specifically for the Azure Marketplace. Together, Citrix and Microsoft are partnering to deliver an integrated onboarding experience for both Citrix Virtual Desktops Essentials and Azure IaaS giving you a single interface to deliver a complete, high-performance Windows 10 Enterprise digital workspace from Azure.


  • Shift from large-scale, one-off CapEx commitments to easier to manage OpEx expenditures
  • Pay for only what you use and use only what you need, quickly scaling during high-peak periods
  • Alleviate infrastructure constraints and expedite Windows 10 Enterprise migration timelines

Security and Continuity

  • Keep critical business information off of the endpoint, secured in the Azure cloud
  • Leverage Microsoft’s 99.9% guaranteed availability
  • Power up a redundant infrastructure for immediate disaster recovery

Reliable User Experience

  • Enable mobility, BYOD, flexibility, and customer choice
  • Deliver full Windows 10 Enterprise desktop experience to users anywhere, on any device
  • Rapidly deliver an ideal desktop experience

Capacity on Demand

  • Rapidly provision multiple Windows 10 Enterprise virtual desktops on Azure with the advanced image management power of XenDesktop
  • Host Citrix Virtual Desktops Essentials on Azure to reduce capital expense and scale as needed
  • Dramatically simplify IT management across onpremises and cloud by providing a hybrid cloud solution

Cost Efficient Cloud Option

  • Reduce capital expenses and optimize investment
  • Expand business in the cloud at the pace of growth without the cost of additional infrastructure
  • Manage costs by paying for only what you use, when you use it, with zero waste
  • Reduce hardware costs of laptops, desktops and servers by embracing consumption based operating expenses as delivered through Microsoft Azure

Pre-production Validation

  • Roll out Windows 10 Enterprise through Citrix Virtual Desktops Essentials in the Azure Marketplace
  • Leverage flexibility of Azure to move to the cloud at your own pace
  • Simplify provisioning, on-going management and monitoring of Windows 10 Enterprise virtual desktops hosted on Azure

Desired Outcomes

  • Enable customers to leverage and deploy on current and familiar infrastructure for quick and simple deployments
  • Allow organizations to connect to their environments from anywhere, with the same look and feel their employees are used to today
  • Combine control of cloud and application security with the visibility required to keep your foundation safe

Why Citrix and Microsoft?

Jointly, Microsoft and Citrix have worked together for over 25 years to ensure their products are best-in-class. The impact of the partnership is undeniable with Microsoft and Citrix having 230,000 joint customers and tens of millions of users that rely on a joint solution every day.

Service plans

Citrix Virtual Apps Essentials on Azure

XenApps Essentials on Azure

  • The easiest way to deliver Windows Apps from Microsoft Azure
  • More than just app virtualization – mobilize your business
  • On-demand and on-budget
  • Your apps and data – secure in the cloud
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Citrix Virtual Desktops

XenDesktop Essentias on Azure

  • Rapidly deploy and secure Windows 10 Enterprise virtual desktops on Azure
  • Deliver best-in-class user experience with Citrix HDX capabilities
  • Provide secure, ubiquitous access from any device with Citrix Receiver
  • Rely on a growing network of Microsoft-managed datacenters, supported by Microsoft’s $15 billion (USD) infrastructure investment in Azure
  • Benefit from over 25 years of joint Citrix and Microsoft solution development
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